Thursday, April 6, 2017

Its been a while...

I know I do not have a huge following...but for those of you that do follow my blog, I am sorry for disappearing! Life sort of took over and I had to take a hiatus there for a while. The good news is, it is all for the better and Tillie and I reformed our partnership.

While the time off wasn't exactly planned, we came back into work fresh and without all the baggage. The training was rusty, but still there. We have been working on rebuilding fitness and it seems Tillie has grown up even more over the winter.

Last year, she continued to get more rideable and accepting...but aside from an odd ride here or there since coming back she has been rock solid. Her brain seems to be more focused, she's calmer and much more accepting. She has always been ready to work, but now her work ethic is matched with allowing me to push some buttons and move her around more without so much sass. 

First dressage lesson in quite some time...Tillie didnt miss a beat
This winter seems to have done us both well. I am not putting as much pressure on us and it seems Tillie's answer has been to give me what ever I ask for with way more try than ever before. Which is saying something considering how much she always tried for me before.

Fancy new Lund tack so we look the part!

I always planned to give her time off this winter...just didnt exactly plan on THAT much time. But apparently it was for the best so now its just a matter of refocusing and rebuilding strength. 

We certainly have hit the ground running this spring since I have been back in the saddle...I will be sure to post specifically about each of these things, but Dom Schramm has already been back teaching us...which I missed sorely while he was gone. We have done our first XC school of the season and Tillie was such a rock star it made me want to cry.

The Dream bit seems to be a great option for us XC!
I am excited with how she is feeling. I signed us up for the Twilight CT at Loch Moy next week similar to what we did last season...hopefully it will dust off the cob webs and get us back into the swing of things. 

One of our first jump schools with the jumps put up since being back into work!
I am totally loving my stubben, which I believe I blogged about last before I disappeared:

Not to mention my partnership with Lund saddlery...I can not speak any more highly of the quality of this tack. They are not paying me to say this at all. I chose to partner with them BECAUSE of their foundation their company stands for and because of the quality. 

Her heart on her butt is still there

at least we look the part right?!

I know this has all been a bit vague, but I just wanted to say hello again! I've missed you all and can't wait to catch up on what you all have been up to as well!


  1. Good to hear from you again, and good luck at Loch Moy!

  2. Your saddle is lovely! Glad to see you blogging again :)

    1. thank you and thank you!! Hope things are well with you!?