Saturday, September 10, 2016

So we _____ today and I guess you could say its getting real serious

What is your win of the day? It can be any caliber or semblance of a win. No matter how big or small the wins are always chipping away at the thing we call progress.

Mine today: we galloped.

I know it doesnt seem like a huge deal considering we have been eventing and galloping comes with the territory out XC. But that usually just happens, sometimes not intentionally and not always in control.

So my recent goal has been to stop avoiding it and go gallop. Let Tillie go, run it out and trust her then test to see where her ratability is.

The mare shocked the hell out of me this evening and was willing to come back with no protesting, no setting on the bit...partially because I think she was a bit unfocused, but hey it worked to our advantage and new goal: Gallop more!!