Friday, September 9, 2016

how good riders get good

I recently have dived into a friend's copy of the Denny Emerson book, "How Good Riders Get Good."

If you haven't read it, you really should. I am not quite halfway through and its pretty awesome. He is true to his personality and bluntly puts it out there, but also shares some worldly experiences from his own life as well as excerpts from world-class riders.

As I've touched on in some recent blogs, I have recently been mentally struggling with my riding...and not just the literal riding, but the bigger plan. I know I tend to get way too caught up in the bigger picture sometimes...riding a horse that is green and trying to train it, you really do need to focus on the smaller things. That can be reallllly hard when you start realizing your own hopes and dreams and need to tell them to be quiet while you are "in the meantime" (another non-horse related book that is awesome for anyone feeling stuck).

I am not many things that I would like to a true professional, or naturally talented. But what i make up for that, at least I hope, is being really determined and tenacious. I refuse to do it at the expense of my horse so consider myself EXTREMELY fortunate I stumbled upon Tillie who shows up, works hard and genuinely seems to enjoy her job.

My reason for sharing about this book is because I know I can not be the only rider out there questioning their choices. This book may cause you to question some more so...but in many ways it has put my mind at ease regarding my ambition.

Its ok to dream big and be ambitious. I realize I am getting a bit way too motivational postery on you, but at the end of the day sometimes mantras like this are what gets me through.

Less than a  year ago, this is what I faced xc schooling almost every time
This year has been wildly successful for us. Im sure some may be sick of my over the top gushing. I promise I wont brag much longer because with progress comes pain, set backs and everything in between...hence my favorite hash tag #progressnotperfection.

Killing it at Training Level...well maybe not all three phases but one day well get all of them!
Denny Emerson's book basically has made me feel ok for never feeling satisfied. For always wanting and pushing for more. I am hungry and determined to reach my goals. Like I said, it is never in detriment to Tillie. But I am starting to believe more and more we can reach some of my goals together and its reallllllly exciting.

I was beyond excited how she felt in our first training level dressage test
I realize from reading this book just how many of these other top level riders didn't have horses around their entire lives, boat loads of money or even natural talent. Some got there from working hard, never giving up and always trying again.

So I guess this post is meant to be inspirational...Dont let go of your dreams. Its never too late and you always have a choice. Sometimes the choices arent easy, but follow your dream, and dont feel bad about it!