Tuesday, November 1, 2016

New month, new things

Happy belated Halloween everyone. Can you believe its already November?!

It seems like it wasn't all that long ago when this show season started...and it was this time last year Tillie and I were xc schooling and experiencing more not so fun moments more than we were experiencing fun moments.

Not so fun moment
I have resolved that November will be all about exploring and keeping an open mind. That will include me riding horses other than Tillie and being diligent in my own personal progress, outside of Tillie. (In addition to her too of course).

Tillie snoozing this morning
I have yet to sit down and really iron out a lesson schedule to stick to...but that is part of my plan so I have something to hold myself to. I need to make it a priority, but I am pretty busy with my latest drawings and commissions...I cant say no to them, and I LOVE doing them and the more the merrier! It'll all go in the bank towards lessons and our show season next year.

My latest drawing from last night - if you are interested in one, email me: kaitlyndzn@yahoo.com
My main focus on me right now are:
  1. getting a better seat in the canter
  2. being more firm with my hands (they will wiggle around when I don't take a firm contact)
For Tillie:
  1. Improve the canter so she is less braced, more uphill and engaging
  2. Improve canter to trot transitions
  3. Keep her on the aids into a halt and from a halt to trot
Tillie after our ride yesterday looking chipper
The good news is, Tillie is happy to work and I am ready to dig in to my own homework. The trick is finding a place I can ride other horses...What sort of things do you look for in a lesson barn?

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